Quick Answer: What team won the most NBA titles in a row?

A total of 19 franchises have won the NBA Finals, with the Milwaukee Bucks winning in 2021. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics hold the record for the most victories, having both won the competition 17 times. The Boston Celtics also won the most consecutive titles, winning eight in a row from 1959 to 1966.

What NBA team won the most consecutive championships?

The Boston Celtics hold the longest consecutive NBA Finals appearance streak with ten appearances between 1957 and 1966. During the streak, the Celtics won eight consecutive NBA championships—also an NBA record.

Has any team won 4 championships in a row?

From 1936 to 1943 the Yankees dominated baseball for eight years, capturing seven American League pennants and six World Series Championships, including four World Series in a row from 1936 to 1939.

Who won 3 championships in a row?

Since Riley coined the phrase “Three-Peat,” only four major professional sports teams have won three consecutive championships. The “Three-Peat” has become the pinnacle of accomplishment in American team sports. Of the Big Four — NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL — the Lakers remain the last team to have completed the feat.

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What’s the worst record in NBA history?

The Bobcats clinched the worst record in NBA history, in a shortened season or otherwise, by losing 104–84 to the New York Knicks on April 26, 2012. Guard-forward Gerald Henderson led the team in scoring, with an average of 15.1 points per game.

Who is considered the best NBA player of all time?

Michael Jordan has been considered the greatest basketball player of all time even before he retired. Some exceptions apply, but this has been a consensus choice for the better part of 2 plus decades. For James to be ranked above him is a watershed moment.

Who is the greatest sports team of all time?

The following is a list of the 10 best franchises ever in the MLB, NFL, and NBA.

  1. Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are the greatest franchise in sports.
  2. New York Yankees. The Yankees are without a doubt the best franchise in baseball. …
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers. …
  4. Boston Celtics. …
  5. Green Bay Packers. …
  6. Dallas Cowboys. …
  7. Los Angeles Dodgers. …
  8. St. …

Who won the 2021 championship?

Definition of four-peat

: a fourth consecutive championship.

When did Jordan retire?

fôrpēt. The fourth consecutive championship or first-place finish by a single participant in a sports tournament or similar competitive enterprise. noun.

What is the longest NBA game ever?

The longest NBA basketball game is 78 minutes and was played between the Indianapolis Olympians and Rochester Royals (both USA), at Edgerton Park Arena, in Rochester, New York, USA, on 6 January 1951. The game was won by the Olympians 75 to 73 in what turned out to be a six-overtime game.

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Who is #1 in the NBA?


1 Nets 109.1
2 Bucks 110.7
3 Bulls 108.3
4 Heat 107.6

What’s the worst NBA loss?

On December 17, 1991, the most lopsided game in NBA history took place seeing the Miami Heat lose to the Cleveland Cavaliers 148-80.