Quick Answer: How do you create a player in NBA Live?

Can you create-a-player in NBA Live?

A staple of most gaming genres, Create-a-Player (often simply labelled Create Player in-game) was first implemented in the NBA Live series in NBA Live 96. … Beginning with NBA Live 98, Edit Player was introduced as a companion to Create-a-Player.

Is there a create-a-player in NBA Live 19?

After including the WNBA roster for the first time in last year’s game, EA Sports is going a step further in its embrace of female athletes in NBA Live 19 by bringing women to its create-a-player feature. … Using the NBA Live Companion app on iOS and Android, you can scan your face and import it onto your player.

Can you create-a-player on NBA Live 15?

Gamers cannot create players outside of the Rising Stars mode, and there’s no ability to edit existing rosters or players.

How many players can you create on NBA 2004?

As noted above, the PC versions of NBA Live 2003 and NBA Live 2004 feature a Create-a-Player limit of 200 players. This can be bypassed by editing the players.

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