How tall was the guy Vince Carter dunks over?

During the final game of the group stage against France, NBA star Vince Carter jumped clear over France’s 7-foot-2 center, Frédéric Weis, in one of the most incredible in-game dunks in basketball history.

Who was the tallest person Vince Carter dunks on?

Two steps later, he was airborne. The only obstacle in Carter’s path was 7-foot-2 French center Frédéric Weis. So Carter jumped over him and threw down a vicious slam that has lived on forever.

Who was the guy Vince Carter dunked on?

Frédéric Weis

Fred Weis
Personal information
Born 22 June 1977 Thionville, France
Nationality French
Listed height 7 ft 2 in (2.18 m)

How tall is Frederic Weiss?

Frederic Weis, the center whose selection in the 1999 NBA draft by the New York Knicks shocked the NBA, the player on the losing end of perhaps the greatest in-game dunk in basketball history, attempted suicide in 2008.

What is Vince Carter’s vertical?

#7 Vince Carter, AKA Vinsanity

Bottom Line: Carter’s 43 inch (5 inches less than Jordan’s) vertical leap puts the top of his head a full 1 inches above the rim and a whole 5 inches lower than His Airness.

Is Vince Carter a Hall of Famer?

Additionally, Carter was the 1998–99 NBA Rookie of the Year, an Olympic gold medallist, a two-time All-NBA selection and an eight-time all-star. According to Basketball Reference’s Hall of Fame probability tracker, he has a 94.5 per cent chance to get in. So, yeah, Carter will become a Hall of Famer.

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How old is Vince Carter?