How many All NBA defensive teams has LeBron made?

Who has the most All-NBA defensive teams?

Tim Duncan holds the record for the most total selections to the All-Defensive Team with 15. Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant follow with 12 total honors each, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has 11 total selections.

Did LeBron make all-defensive team this year?

Share All sharing options for: No Lakers made the All-Defensive teams, despite posting the best defense in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers posted the best defense in the NBA this season, allowing just 106.8 points per 100 possessions over their 72 games.

How many 45 point games has LeBron had?

LeBron James has played in 22 games with 45+ points.

How many all-defensive teams has Draymond Green made?

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has been named to the 2020-21 NBA All-Defensive First Team, the league announced today. Green has been named to the All-Defensive First Team four times (2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2020-21), Second Team twice (2017-18, 2018-19).

Who made all-NBA first team?

NBA History – All-NBA 1st Team

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All-NBA 1st Team
LeBron James F Los Angeles Lakers
James Harden G Houston Rockets
Anthony Davis F Los Angeles Lakers

Was Shaq a good defense?

Shaquille O’Neal was one of the most dominant forces in the history of the NBA. A big part of Shaq’s dominance was his work on defense. Shaq was a great rim-protector, especially at the start of his career as he averaged 3.5 blocks per game as a rookie.

Did Shaq win Defensive Player of the Year?

Shaquille O’Neal didn’t win the Defensive Player of the Year award in his career.

How many all defense does Rodman have?

He was twice named NBA Defensive Player of the Year (1990–1991) and made seven NBA All-Defensive First Teams (1989–1993, 1995–1996) and in 1994, he was named to the NBA All-Defensive Second Team. Additionally, he made two All-NBA Third Teams (1992, 1995), was a two-time All-Star (1990, 1992).

How many defensive player of the year does Kobe have?

Kobe has made the All-Defensive First Team eight times in his career and the All-Defensive Second Team twice. Jordan also won the Defensive Player of the Year award in 1988. That’s quite possibly his most overlooked, underrated accolade.

Who made all-NBA defensive team?

NBA History – All-Defensive 1st Team

All-Defensive 1st Team
Avery Bradley G Boston Celtics
Kawhi Leonard F San Antonio Spurs
Draymond Green F Golden State Warriors

How many All-NBA first teams does LeBron have?

He now has 17 selections to his name including an NBA-record 13 First Team selections.

Who should go No. 1, Chet Holmgren or Paolo Banchero?

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Player All-NBA selections All-NBA First Team selections
LeBron James 17 13
Kobe Bryant 15 11
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 15 10

Who made the All-Defensive First Team?

NEW YORK – Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert, the 2020-21 Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year, and Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons lead the 2020-21 NBA All-Defensive First Team, the NBA announced today.