How is basketball defined?

How would you define basketball as a sport?

Basketball is a team sport in which players work together to bounce a ball down the length of a court and throw it through a hoop. Some college basketball games are hugely popular and very competitive.

How do you define basketball game?

Definitions of basketball game. a game played on a court by two opposing teams of 5 players; points are scored by throwing the ball through an elevated horizontal hoop. synonyms: basketball, hoops.

How do you explain what basketball is?

Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players each on a rectangular court, usually indoors. Each team tries to score by tossing the ball through the opponent’s goal, an elevated horizontal hoop and net called a basket.

What is the meaning of playing basketball?

uncountable noun. Basketball is a game in which two teams of five players each try to score goals by throwing a large ball through a circular net fixed to a metal ring at each end of the court.

Why is basketball considered as a team sport?

Team sports such as basketball are ideal for facilitating such encounters. Basketball is a playful activity that also appeals to the intellect and requires the development of team spirit. … Because of the importance of teamwork, basketball is a great way to develop interpersonal skills.

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How would you describe a basketball ball?

The ball is spherical in shape and is inflated. Basket-balls range in size from 28.5-30 in (72-76 cm) in circumference, and in weight from 18-22 oz (510-624 g). … At all levels of play, the home team provides the ball. Inflation of the ball is based on the height of the ball’s bounce.

What is basketball in simple terms?

The definition of basketball is a game played by two 5-player teams, the object of which is to get the ball through the opposing player’s hoop the most times to score the most points, or a large ball that is used in the game. An example of basketball is the game played by Michael Jordan.

What is the original rule of basketball?

On 15 January 1892, James Naismith published his rules for the game of “Basket Ball” that he invented: The original game played under these rules was quite different from the one played today as there was no dribbling, dunking, three-pointers, or shot clock, and goal tending was legal.

How do you understand basketball plays?

To recap here’s the legend:

  1. Numbers 1 through 5 = Offensive players.
  2. Circle around a number = The ball-handler.
  3. Numbers x1 through x5 = Defenders (numbers 1-5 can be put in triangles to indicate defenders too)
  4. Solid line = Player movement.
  5. Squiggly line = Dribbling.
  6. Dotted line = Pass.
  7. Perpendicular line = Screen.

What is the introduction of basketball?

Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith, a physical education instructor at the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. The game achieved almost immediate acceptance and popularity, and the first collegiate game, with five players on each team, was played in 1896 in Iowa City, Iowa, USA.

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What is the true meaning of basketball?

: a game in which two teams of five players bounce a ball and try to score points by throwing the ball through one of the raised nets at each end of a rectangular court.

What is the definition of basketball play?

1. basketball play – a play executed by a basketball team. basketball, basketball game, hoops – a game played on a court by two opposing teams of 5 players; points are scored by throwing the ball through an elevated horizontal hoop. play – a preset plan of action in team sports; “the coach drew up the plays for her …

How does a basketball represent me?

A basketball represents my blood, sweat, tears, passion, sacrifice, and most of all, a sense of belonging, like a family. At this moment in my life, there are only three things I devote my life to- family, friends, and basketball. Basketball has shaped my life probably more than anything else.