How do you dribble a basketball step by step?

What is the proper way to dribble?

To properly dribble:

  1. Get in an athletic position with your hips low, back straight and eyes up.
  2. Use your finger pads to dribble. …
  3. Make sure to keep your elbow behind the basketball for speed and control.
  4. Your off-hand should be out in front of your body to help protect the ball from a defender who might reach in.

What are two dribbling tips?

Alternating Dribble – As one ball hits the floor, the other ball should be reaching your hand. You can vary heights on this drill as well. Crossover – Cross the two balls in front of your body at the same time. Between the Legs & Crossover – Dribble one ball between your legs and cross over with the other one.

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