Frequent question: Will a tennis ball and basketball dropped together?

What will happen if you drop a basketball and a tennis ball together so that the basketball bounces on the floor and the tennis ball bounces on top of the basketball?

On the way down there is no difference. The balls fall together and both reach the same speed as before. However, the basketball bounces first. It bounces off the ground and so is moving upwards when the tennis ball bounces off it.

When a tennis ball and a basketball are dropped together with the tennis ball on top why when they hit the floor does the tennis ball rebound so fast?

When the two balls are dropped with the tennisball on top, the tennisball will go flying into the air and the basketball will stay on the ground. This happens because the momentum and energy of the two ball system is transferred into the lighter tennisball.

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Which ball bounced higher when dropped together?

Explanation: When all three balls are dropped from the same height, the rubber ball will bounce the highest because it has the greatest elasticity. When the rubber ball hits the ground it gets compressed, or squished, and because it is very elastic, it quickly returns to its original shape.

Why does a tennis ball bounce higher than a basketball?

Both the basketball and the tennis ball are moving at the same speed right before they hit the ground. This means they both have some amount of kinetic energy, but the basketball has more due to its larger mass. … That means the tennis ball gets a bunch of kinetic energy—and with a low mass, you get a high velocity.

What happens when you drop a tennis ball?

You’ve probably noticed that if you drop even the bounciest of tennis balls from a height, it never bounces back higher than where it started. When you drop the ball, gravity pulls it down and it picks up speed. … As the squashed ball springs back to its original shape, it pushes on the floor and the floor pushes back.

What happens when a tennis ball hits the ground?

When it hits the ground, some energy is transferred into the ground or the air as heat or sound. The larger the energy left in the ball, the higher it will bounce on the way back up. … The ball is most stable in a round shape, so the gas inside expands to push the ball back to form the round shape.

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What happens when a ball drops?

When you drop the ball, it gains ‘kinetic’ energy (the energy of motion) and loses its potential energy. When the two balls are dropped at the same time, they hit each other (collide) just after they hit the ground, and a lot of the kinetic energy in the larger ball is transferred to the smaller ball.

Why does a tennis ball bounce back?

Tennis balls bounce from the pressurized air pumped into the center of each rubber core. As the ball compresses against the ground, the air inside the core launches the ball off the ground. These reasons include kinetic energy, shape, materials and the gas manipulated into the ball. …

Which ball will hit first?

In other words, if two objects are the same size but one is heavier, the heavier one has greater density than the lighter object. Therefore, when both objects are dropped from the same height and at the same time, the heavier object should hit the ground before the lighter one.

Which ball will hit the ground?

As gravity is the only force in both cases, both balls will hit the ground at the same time. When you throw a ball, we are assuming that you are throwing it horizontally. This means you are giving the ball only horizontal velocity.

Which ball would hit the ground first?

So, back to the bowling ball and the feather: The reason the bowling ball reaches the ground first is because air resistance has a bigger impact on the feather as it falls. That air resistance slows the feather down while not having much of an impact at all on the bowling ball.

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How high does a tennis ball bounce when dropped?

According to the ITF rules a “valid” tennis ball should bounce to between 135 cm and 147 cm when dropped on a concrete floor from a height of 254 cm (53-57 in from 100 in). This means that the ball should reach between 53% and 57% of the drop height when bouncing.

Why do balls lose momentum when dropped?

All of the balls lost momentum because there are no perfectly elastic collisions in the real world. Even the most elastic collisions are slightly inelastic. When a ball bounces, energy is transferred to heat, noise or internal energy, which decreases the amount of momentum.

Why do ping pong balls bounce so high?

when you throw a ping pong ball at (a preferable hard) surface, because it is made of thin plastic and is hollow inside, it easily compresses into itself for a brief moment before returning to it’s original shape causing it to push off of the surface it hit causing it to bounce.