Does LeBron James have the fastest car in the world?

Does LeBron have a 918 Spyder?

According to reports from TMZ, LeBron’s Porsche 918 Spyder is a limited edition and the car was only produced between 2013 and 2015. Its value has apparently risen to as high as $1.7 million. LeBron’s Porsche reportedly has a 5.7-litre V-10 engine and a 6.8-kWh battery hence the “hybrid” designation.

How many cars do LeBron got?

LeBron James owns at least 15 cars. His car collection is rumored to be worth over $2.5 million. It features a variety of classic and new cars. Some of the cars in his collection are even supercars like his Ferrari 599 and Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

What kind of car does LeBron James own?

A look at Lakers superstar LeBron James’ impressive car collection that features a whopping three Ferraris, two Mercedes Maybachs and a custom Lamborghini. LeBron James is one of the most recognised names in the NBA today.

How much is a Porsche 918 cost?

The Porsche 918 price for a new car was $845,000, but options like the Weissach package ($84,000) and Liquid Metal paint ($63,000) could push that price to over $1 million.

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What Porsche does LeBron have?

LeBron James isn’t the only superstar in the video. The car he’s driving — a Porsche 918 Spyder — is a superstar in its own right. It’s part of what we now call the electric hypercar trinity.

Does LeBron James drive a Kia?

2015 Kia K900

LeBron was a Kia Motors luxury ambassador, but claims to have been driving the Kia K900 since before he partnered with the brand. The list price for the most recent model in 2015 was $60,000 at the time of its release.

What cars does Floyd Mayweather have?

Mayweather has five. A Phantom, a Phantom drophead coupe, a Wraith, a Dawn and a second phantom for his other house. These 5 cars have a worth upwards of $6 million. With those many luxury Rolls Royces, it’s safe to say Mayweather REALLY likes them.

What is the most expensive car?

Price: $18.7 million

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire is the most expensive car in the world. It’s a part of Bugatti’s plans to build two custom cars every year.

What car does Bill Gates drive?

Bill Gates – Porsche 959.

What cars do Michael Jordan own?

The former superstar is reported to have owned the 930, 964, and 993 models during his illustrious NBA career, and the Air Jordan VI pair of shoes was actually inspired by one of the vehicles he owned.

What is the most expensive LeBron James rookie card?

Recent sale: $100,000. The most expensive LeBron James card on this list is another Topps one. The 2003-04 Topps Pristine set included three Refractors Gold cards, each numbered of 99, for many of the rookies that year. The second of the three cards — in order — accounts for the top spot on this list.

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What cars do Steph Curry have?

Curry has an illustrious collection of cars which include the noteworthy likes of Porsche 911, Tesla X 90D and GT3 RS.

Stephen Curry’s Net Worth – Cars, NBA Salary, House and More.

Name Stephen Curry
Cars Porsche 911, Tesla X 90D and GT3 RS
House Atherton, California
Spouse Ayesha Curry

What car has the most horsepower?

Most powerful production cars

Vehicle Year Power
Koenigsegg Agera RS/One:1 2014 1,000 kW (1,341 hp; 1,360 PS)
NIO EP9 2016 1,000 kW (1,341 hp; 1,360 PS)
SSC Ultimate Aero TT 2009 960 kW (1,287 hp; 1,305 PS)
Drako GTE 2020 895 kW (1,200 hp; 1,217 PS)

What is the fastest Porsche?

The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S is the most powerful and fastest 911 ever. It’s as fast as a supercar and handles even better. Featuring a twin-turbocharged 3.7-liter flat-six engine, it can produce 640 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque.

What is the most expensive Porsche?

These Are The Most Expensive Porsches Ever Sold At Auction

  • 6 1998 Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion: $5,665,000. …
  • 5 1972 Porsche 917/10 Spyder: $5,830,000. …
  • 4 1985 Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar: $5,945,000. …
  • 3 1956 Porsche 550 Rennsport Spyder: $6,100,000. …
  • 2 1982 Porsche 956: $10,120,000. …
  • 1 1970 Porsche 917K: $14,080,000.