Did LeBron James open up a school?

LeBron James helped open a public school in his hometown. … Last year, basketball superstar LeBron James helped open a new public school in an Akron, Ohio, school district, designed to provide academics as well as social and emotional supports to at-risk students.

Did LeBron James really open a school?

Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and one of his closest advisers, complained Thursday that NBA superstar LeBron James had opened a charter school but still backs people who want to close them down.

What school did LeBron open?

LeBron James and Akron Public Schools opened the I Promise School with great fanfare on July 30, 2018.

Why did LeBron start the I Promise School?

The program started with one goal — to raise graduation rates in Akron Public Schools — and a hometown NBA star who expected to make it happen. To do that, the LeBron James Family Foundation knew it had to do more than give away bikes and laptops.

What basketball player opened a school?

James is not the first NBA player to open a school, but he is the first active player to do so. David Robinson founded Carver Academy in Texas in 2001, and Jalen Rose founded the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy in Detroit. Unlike Rose’s and Robinson’s schools, James’ school will not be a charter school.

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Is the I Promise School free?

The school provides free tuition, busing, meals, uniforms, bikes and helmets and even benefits for parents, like GED and job placement services. The I Promise School had promised free tuition to the University of Akron and now, they have expanded to Kent State.

Where did LeBron James go to elementary school?


From kindergarten through eighth grade, LeBron James was an Akron Public School student.

Why did LeBron James open a school?

“At the I Promise School, our goal is to let every single kid know they are special,” James said in an April 2020 interview with People. “That they can be whatever they want to be. And that starts with addressing everything they’re going through before they even step foot in a classroom.”

What high school did LeBron James go to?

LeBron James has also been a supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of America, to whom he donated $2.5m in 2010. After completing an ESPN special called ‘The Decision’, James gave the proceeds raised from the show to the organization which provides after-school projects for young people.

What is LeBron James nickname?

Thanks to his outstanding skills and accomplishments, LeBron James has earned some very cool nicknames as well. LeBron has been called ‘The King’, ‘The Chosen One’, ‘Akron Hammer’, and more.

What has LeBron James done outside of basketball?

As you might expect of a celebrity and athlete of his stature, James has been involved in numerous business projects off the court, which includes his digital video company Uninterrupted, a video production company (SpringHill Entertainment), and a designer retail store, to name just three.

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