Best answer: What college did Kobe Bryant?

Did Kobe Bryant go to UCLA?

“Kobe Bryant briefly went to summer school at UCLA after his rookie season with the Lakers but he quickly adopted USC as his school,” Markazi wrote in a tweet Tuesday evening. … Now his oldest Natalia will be going to USC.”

What college did Kobe Bryant want to go to?

I decided to take my talents to um… No, I have decided to skip college and take my talents to the NBA,” Bryant said while people laughed. He was selected by the Charlotte Hornets and immediately traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1996 NBA draft.

Did Kobe ever get a college degree?

“Kobe doesn’t have a college degree, and you can only go to so many business meetings.” Bryant famously eschewed the collegiate ranks, opting instead to jump straight from Lower Merion High School to the NBA.

What is Natalia Bryant majoring in at USC?

Natalia, 18, has just signed with IMG Models. She’s also set to register for her freshman year at the University of Southern California where she will major in film, and she has 2.7 million Instagram followers.

Did Kobe Bryant attend Boston College?

BOSTON (CBS) – Kobe Bryant never went to college, but he made his mark at Boston College in a memorable visit six years ago. Professor Nick Nugent was teaching the first international marketing class of the semester in January 2014 when an unexpected guest walked into his classroom at the Carroll School of Management.

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Did Lebron play in college?

Moses Malone, Darryl Dawkins and Bill Willoughby did it in the 1970s. Yet it wasn’t until Kevin Garnett in 1995 that the modern movement of players going straight from high school to the NBA began. From 1995 to 2005, 11 NBA drafts, a total of 39 players were drafted directly out of high school.

How did Kobe Bryant skip college?

Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant skipped college when that was an option for high schoolers and entered the NBA draft in 1996. … The current rules, which require one NBA season to pass since a player’s high school graduation, were established under the 2005 collective bargaining agreement.

Did Kobe go straight to the league?

In 1996, two notable players made the jump from high school to the NBA. The first was Kobe Bryant, selected by the Charlotte Hornets with the 13th pick of the NBA draft, but traded almost immediately to the Los Angeles Lakers. The second was Jermaine O’Neal, selected by the Trail Blazers with the 17th pick.