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Personal Message from Brunswick B.A.T. Cage President and Owner - Hank Winters

After ten years of being in the sports training business, my own personal experience from about 20 years as a coach and father of student athletes, and an endless number of conversations regarding this subject, I've finally decided to write an article to share some of what I have learned about youth sports training with other parents of student athletes.

I believe that most kids competing at various levels of sports today all want to be successful, and this is their parents' goal, as well. In some cases, the parents want it more for the kids than the kids themselves. Regardless, most of the athletes that compete in recreational programs, travel programs, etc. almost always want to continue participating at least through the high school level, and in some, cases, way beyond.

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of athletes in any high school that are gifted and born with enough natural ability that they have to invest very little to accomplish their goals. The rest of the athletes have to work, and work hard. The sooner they start working, the better off they should be when it comes to the competition that they will be facing. Too many kids have had their hearts broken, and their athletic will destroyed, when they have been cut from the high school teams. Some coaches are compassionate, while others are not. High school coaches care about winning. Athletes who make the team want to play. Sitting on the bench is no fun, and with all the time invested in practice and being with the team, not playing can be as demoralizing as getting cut.

Once these things happen for an athlete, it becomes very difficult to persuade him or her to persevere, to keep on trying, or to develop an increased appetite for training in order to make the team 'next year'. Most kids at this point in their lives find it a lot easier to quit, and/or blame others for their failure. It happens every day. Training at an early age in life is becoming more commonplace and something that parents need to seriously consider for their child athletes before its too late. Just working out to work out isn't the answer.

Building the proper muscle memory so that the proper mechanics are burned into the athlete's body is part of the answer. It's like learning to tie your shoes for the very first time. After a while, it happens automatically. You stop thinking about what you're doing, and you just do it. The same can be said for the mechanics involved in hitting, pitching, fielding, etc. Practicing the right techniques, over and over, and doing it the correct way, is our way. Practice doesn't make perfect. Practicing the correct way makes better.

If the athlete is willing to work and take advantage of professional coaching such as ours, they can improve and be the best that they can be. One of my favorite sayings in life used to be found on cans of pop. At the bottom of every can used to be written 'no deposit, no return'. In a way, that is what the Brunswick B.A.T. cage is all about. If you don't work, if you don't invest in yourself, if you don't want to put forth the effort, you won't get what you want in return. No deposit, no return. This lesson is not only invaluable in sports, but it applies to life, as well.






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